In the luxurious setting of the maison Devambez, the low rumble of Parisian refinement could be heard. The art of printing continued discreetly in the elegant salon on the Place Vendôme, where the tradition of art book publishing gave invitation cards and high class stationery their noble credentials.

Since 1826, Devambez has received royal patronage from France and elsewhere in the world, a privilege that provides the company with an unparalleled degree of legitimacy. The House of Orléans, Queen Amelia of Portugal, Prince Gaston d’Orléans the Count of Eu, Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria, Tsar Nicolas II, the House of Bonaparte and the President of the Republic are just some of the loyal clients who have trusted Devambez to express the prestige of their rank on paper.

Thanks to Devambez, headed notepaper and menus for the French nobility and aristocracy had the refined feel of the most precious fine art papers, such as Japon, Hollande and Arches. Watermarks provided keen eyes with the ultimate frisson of refinement: a translucent epiphany.

Hand-press printing, intricate engraving and the use of the purest inks were the hallmarks of strictly limited editions, while ancestral colour printing techniques made monograms and coats of arms into sculptural works of art.

Over the decades, the commissions on which Devambez has built its reputation have continued to draw on the company’s noblest traditions. For over a century, a perfect balance between art and craft, a constant quest for outstanding quality, and minute attention to detail have made each item of headed notepaper into something quite unique, and each stamp into a timeless mark of distinction.

The privileged relationship between Devambez and its refined, demanding clientele today constitutes an inalienable asset built on unshakeable foundations: a mutual understanding of luxury as a discreet, tireless quest for refinement, and the idea that the past is both a source of heritage and a driving force for modernity. The art of fine paper provides the background for the art of fine writing.

Lovers of grande mesure fine art stationery are fascinated by the special atmosphere of the salons on the place Vendôme. As in the past, visitors enjoy a genuine and exclusive relationship with a fine art engraving workshop that has produced stationery reflecting the heraldic heritage of the noblest families.