Umbrellas and parasols, whose purpose is, respectively, to protect us from the inconveniences of the rain or the excessive heat of the sun, are made in the same way. They form a kind of small portable roof or lightweight pavilion, round in shape, held aloft by means of a handle, as shown in the magazine La Soierie de Lyon.

Around 1830, François Revel moved to Lyon and was taken on as a menial worker at umbrella makers Poncet Frères. On 2 October 1851, he set up the François Revel company when the Poncets gave up the business.

His brother Pierre, who had moved to Brazil several years before, settled in Rio de Janeiro and imported umbrellas and parasols. He was joined in 1850 by his brothers Joseph and Henri. A mechanic from the Messageries maritimes came from Marseille once or twice a year to buy several dozen parasols, which he sold in Saigon. The company’s balance sheet dated 3 July 1852 showed a profit of 11,307.37 francs.

The Parapluie-Revel brand was created in 1900 for sales in France. In 1922, Cappiello designed the famous poster featuring three umbrellas, published by Devambez for Les Nouvelles Affiches Cappiello.

Leonetto Cappiello, Parapluie-Revel, poster, Les Nouvelles Affiches Cappiello, Devambez, Paris, undated.