Wedding visits, New Year visits, official visits, after-dinner visits, visits to painters, visits to châteaux: each social occasion had its etiquette, its rules of decorum, its curious anecdotes and its classical stereotypes, for “visits have always been / in all countries and in all eras / an admirable source of gossip / rumour and chit-chat”.

Jacques Redelsperger produced an ironic and stylish account of this particular form of “social pleasure” in the little book of verse he composed for the Parisian tailor High Life Taylor [sic], a visit to whose elegant boutique on the rue Auber was an essential “duty” for any stylish lady.

A large number of illustrations and delicately gilded motifs added a touch of refinement to this daybook printed by Devambez in 1909; these details made it into an indispensable accessory for ladies struggling to organize their social calendars.

Jacques Redelsperger, Mes visites. Ouvrage à l’usage des dames du monde, preceded by Les Visites dans tous les temps, 2nd edition, Paris, Devambez, 1909