Founded by Joseph-Gabriel Gaveau in 1847, piano manufacturer Gaveau spanned over a century of musical history. Its growing success was reflected in the medals it received at World’s Fairs in Paris: bronze, silver and ultimately gold, in 1878 and 1889.

Gaveau was not only interested in the technical aspects of his designs, for example the new playing mechanism that bears his name, he also worked with artists on the piano bodies.

Opened in 1905, the Salle Gaveau concert hall, designed by Jacques Hermant, celebrated this combination of technical expertise and avant-garde taste, boasting extraordinary acoustics and a stunning modern design based on clean, uncluttered lines.

Devambez struck a similar balance in the catalogue he published for Gaveau, combining an Art Deco aesthetic featuring delicate plant motifs with a marketing approach and printing techniques that were bang up-to-date.

Manufacture de pianos Gaveau, Paris, Devambez, s.d.