Art publisher Devambez and Goyard announce the publication of the first ever book devoted to the Parisian trunk-maker. A direct descendent of the prestige collections of the 1920s, this book sums up the quintessence of the golden age of luxury travel, from horse-drawn carriages to ocean liners. Available on special order only, the book telling the story of Goyard ispresented in a specially designed trunk that serves both as showcase and binding.

Each purchaser is invited to make his or her named copy into a unique piece, not only by choosing the colour of the canvas but also by adding initials and personalized stripes. Copies are numbered from 1 to 233, and the edition number appears on both the book and the trunk. The Goyard book is thus an artwork in its own right, and its combination of refinement and rarity makes it into the ultimate gift.

This magnificent art book is printed on deckled vellum paper custom-made by Arches, the historic French papermakers. Traditional letterpress techniques have been used for the text, and the paper features its own watermark.

Pierre Tzenkoff, Goyard, malletier, maison fondée en 1792, Paris, Devambez, 2010